What is Night of the Blood Moon?

Night of the Blood Moon  is difficult Rogue-like where you play as a weaponized nightmare beating up the cute creatures of our dreams. Use unique weapons to demolish the loving manifestations around you as you grow with power. Conquer many imaginative lands, and defeat bosses who will challenge your strategy along side your skill. 

What makes Night of the Blood Moon unique?

Where other games place value on a high number of guns, Night of the Blood Moon puts it's value on unique weapons that feel great in the hands of the player.
Ammo in Night of the Blood Moon is regained by killing the critters. Boomerang, Hookshot, Crossbow, Bombs,  Spells, and more!

Night of the Blood Moon also features a full leveling system with Rogue Elements. Though you may be using the same tools each round will be game change because of the skill tree attributes you'll be choosing from.

One of my favorite abilities is the ‘Marty-bomb’ where on death the nightmare, Marty, takes over. Getting a kill will re-summon the Three Eyed Crow.

The Setting

 While we sleep, cute dream monsters fill the dream realm to bring our minds happy thoughts, but during nights with a blood moon our nightmares are at their strongest. Night of the Blood Moon lets you play as a nightmare beating up cute, fluffy, lovable creatures.No longer do you have to play as a hero beating up skeletons! Now you can beat up all those fluffy things which have infuriated you with their cuteness for too long! 

The Enemies

Enemies in Night of the Blood Moon work on an orthogonal structure. They vary with speed and range on a full spectrum. Each level in Night of the Blood Moon has unique creatures which give test you in their own ways. Though cute, things aren't always as they seem in our dreams.
Bosses in Night of the Blood Moon are more than just bullet sponges; Each boss has mechanics which can be overcome through trial, error, and understanding. 



Pets are unlock able assistants in the dreams. They aren't to be found, but earned. Earning a pet can dramatically change the game in your favor. Have a fighter, a booster, healer, scavenger! Everyone loves a pet! 

The Developer

Night of the Blood Moon is my first game, and the hopeful beginning to my career in bringing solid, and unique games to the indie game industry. Thank you to everyone supporting me through this game. It means a ton, and I can't wait to bring you another.
-Tyler McDermott, creator and sole developer of Night of the Blood Moon